Sterling Silver Cufflinks In The Design Of A Briefcase


Sterling silver cufflinks, in the design of a briefcase,

Soldered to the back of the briefcase is a cufflink fitting, carrying the hallmark.

The briefcase measures 20mm x 22mm

Please note that all sizes given are approximate, due to the hand- crafted nature of the jewellery.

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The cufflinks are hand crafted from sheet silver, constructed in layers to emulate the manufacture of luggage.

The surface is hand polished and textured using the traditional silversmithing technique of Chasing, which involves a special Chasing hammer and miniature punches made by myself.

This product is part of a variety of miniature clothes, shoes and bags, which are designed to work singularly, as earrings; pendants; lapel pins or brooches but  which can be worn together to produce a full outfit.


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