Sterling Silver and Fluorite Earrings


Sterling silver earrings with Fluorite.

Heart shaped gemstones 6mm.

Dropper length 25mm.

Please note that all sizes given are approximate, due to the hand- crafted nature of the jewellery.

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The beautifully coloured fluorite gemstone is used to great effect by combining green shades and delicate purple colours. The subtle colour range and clarity within the stones and the variety of gem shapes, adds to the splendour of the finished pieces.

The drilled stones of this collection are threaded onto burnished silver wires; some of which are knotted, others twisted to secure the gems.

Each piece is designed and hand-crafted with the intention of being worn with others of the same range so that personal collections can be built over time.

Every order will be posted out in an exclusive Sarah Ellen gift box.


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